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Shipping Agency Lome

The Shipping Agency Lome was started in 1990 by Captain Bob in a modest small office very close to the port of Lome. Today it is the most comprehensive and leading shipping agency company in its region. As a company, we do not work in any port other than Togo's Lome port, and we do not do any business other than shipping agency, except for some supply needs of the ships we work with, only in line with the requests from the ship when needed. The most important feature that distinguishes Shipping Agency Lome from other shipping agencies in the region is that it does not have a traditional structure, it always owns the work it does, regardless of whether it is big or small, and it pays the necessary attention to every job.

The Shipping Agency Lome main Target; Our goal is to be a leader forever in our region, where we are the leader of ourselves, by showing the necessary care to our business, and to be able to pass our customers without encountering any problems and troubles at the port of Lome.

Our Business Experiences; The Shipping Agency Lome, as we mentioned above, although we have had some difficulties in the past on the way to becoming a leading shipping agency in its region, we are doing our business with great enthusiasm at the point we have reached today, thanks to hundreds of our customers and their satisfaction. Because we love our job very much. All kinds of container ships, dry cargo ships, tankers, chemical ships and general cargo ships are the ships we work with, and we have a team of experts in dry cargo and bulk carriers in general.

Our Core Values It would not be wrong to say that Shipping Agency Lome is a company focused only on customer satisfaction, because the satisfaction of our customers increases our determination to work and gives us the necessary motivation for the next work we will do. If we say that Shipping Agency Lome has worked with hundreds of large and small companies around the world and has had no complaints or problems from these companies, it would be a bit of a cocky but correct definition.

Services & Quality The Shipping Agency Lome has primarily adopted the business of shipping agency and does not do any other business other than that, but we provide suppl services to the ships of some companies we work with from time to time, together with our strong and dynamic staff. However, these may constitute a maximum of 2% when compared to our shipping agency business. Apart from this, we are working uninterruptedly and breathlessly to provide the best service for your ships, and we are trying to do our best to provide you with the best service we can offer you in loading and unloading.

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