Port Of Lome

Port of Lome

Port of Lome is a large port city located in Togo, a country in West Africa. The Port of Lome is the largest port in Togo and one of the most important in the West African region. It would not be wrong to say that it acts as a gateway for international trade and trade for Togo and other landlocked neighboring countries. Shipping Agency Lome works non-stop every day and every hour of the week to give you all kinds of support at this door.

The Port of Lome has modern facilities for ships and can handle a variety of cargo including containers, bulk cargo and general cargo. It is equipped with deep water berths capable of handling large vessels and has a storage capacity of over 300,000 TEU. Shipping Agency Lome offers an excellent service for container ships

In addition to the port's cargo operations, there is also a passenger terminal that acts as a gateway for tourists and travelers visiting the area. The terminal provides immigration and customs services as well as other amenities such as restaurants, shops and currency exchange. Shipping Agency Lome also meets all kinds of transportation and accommodation needs of the ship's crew or company officials who will come to visit the ship.

Overall, the Port of Lome plays a vital role in the economy of Togo and the wider West African region by facilitating international trade and contributing to economic growth and development. Shipping Agency Lome provides you uninterrupted and uninterrupted service in this developing port.

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Port of Lome